From Our Scrapbook

Fresh Iowa milkIn 1941, Maytag Dairy Farms began producing its world famous blue cheese in the heartland of America, with milk from a prize-winning herd of Holstein cattle. E.H. Maytag, son of the founder of the famous appliance firm, had established this herd of show cattle in 1919. Prize-winning bullDuring the 1930s, the Maytag Holsteins gained fame in competition across the North American continent.
Scooping the curds
Stainless steel hoops
The curing cave
Fred Maytag II, who succeeded his father in 1940, heard about a new process for making blue cheese that was developed by Iowa State University. We still use this process today. It is a time-consuming method of hand making cheese in small batches, using fresh sweet milk from Iowa dairy farms. Each batch of cheese is carefully monitored during the long months of aging, until the peak of flavor is reached and it is finally ready for market.

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Off to the post office for Maytag Blue Cheese
Fresh sweet Iowa milk for Maytag Blue Cheese