It begins with fresh, local milk

Our day starts early as we begin pumping fresh milk into the small open cheese vats. A culture is added to the milk and the fermentation process begins. Next, vegetarian rennet is used to solidify the milk while the cheesemaker carefully stirs until the contents reach the desired firmness and acidity. At just the right moment, the vat is cut using a set of wire curd knives to separate the curds from the whey. The fresh curds are transferred into a cloth-lined basket and tossed with a mixture of salt and P. roqueforti. They are then hand-scooped into stainless-steel forms called hoops that allow additional whey to drain and the soft curds to knit into a solid 4-pound wheel.

Aged to Perfection

The hoops are transferred to drying tables, where they are hand-turned to reach the desired moisture level. The following day, the wheels are salted and carried into the hillside caves for aging. It is here they ripen to develop the texture and distinctive flavor that has made Maytag Blue the international choice of chefs and cheese connoisseurs.